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ABN 74 115 342 008

Company History

R G Systems Pty Limited was incorporated in New South Wales in July 2005. R G Systems Pty Limited was formed to provide Satellite System design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and testing services.

Key Personnel

Director - Project Manager

Rod Goulding, as a trainee Engineer with A. Goninan & Co, graduated from the University of Newcastle with a bachelor of Engineering (BE Elec.)in 1991.

After completion of his traineeship and degree in 1990, Rod worked in the production, installation and commissioning of Vertex RSI antennas.  These antennas were manufactured under licence in Australia. He is a fully qualified and certified installation supervisor for VertexRSI antenna systems.

Since leaving A. Goninan & Co in 1999, Rod has continued to work in the satellite communications field and now has over 20 years of experience in this industry, in the installation and commissioning of antennas ranging from 1.8m to 16m diameter.

Site Supervisor – Technical Installation 

Bill Eames is employed by R G Systems in the role of Site Supervisor, and includes the role of Technical Installation Supervisor where rack and equipment installation and cabling is required.

Bill is a fully qualified Advanced Rigger , and has also completed the course for Field Supervisor and antenna alignment with GDSatcom in the US, for the installation and alignment of Vertex RSI antenna systems. He also has Open Registration (AUSTEL) accreditation for telecommunications cabling.

Bill has previously worked in all aspects of transmission tower structures, including building new towers and maintaining and strengthening existing structures.


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